Buy a new pair of rimless eyeglasses online

I don’t remember how I went home last night because I was drunk. Yesterday, I went to a bar with my friends and we were so happy to get together with each other since we haven’t met for a long time. But in the morning, I wake up and find my newly-bought rimless eyeglasses and my favorite bracelet are lost. I call my friends one by one to ask them what happened last night after I got drunk. The information I get from them is that one of my friends drove me home but she did not see my eyeglasses as well as the bracelet. Another friend says that my bracelet seemed to be left on the desk when I left the bar but she did not realize it was mine so she did not remind me of taking it. Continue reading Buy a new pair of rimless eyeglasses online

My understanding about rimless eyeglasses

I don’t know whether rimless eyeglasses are familiar with all the people nowadays but I think it is a particular style that will never go out of date. The simple style and exquisite design both make this type of glasses remain the attractiveness even though there are more and more types of glasses are created by talented glasses manufacturer. I know that the fierce competition makes this market full of strong smell of gunpowder. Consumers can get benefits from it that the price is decreasing quickly. The reason why I pay attention to this type of glasses is that I own such a good one. I once bought a pair of glasses from an online glasses store and actually it was my first time to experience this purchase way to buy such an important article. Continue reading My understanding about rimless eyeglasses

My plan about a new pair of rimless eyeglasses

I once had a pair of rimless eyeglasses bought by my sister as my birthday present. The reason why it left me a deep impression though I lost it a long time ago was that it looked excellent on me. After it was lost, I did not choose that style because I wanted to make a change. But my sister’s shopping experience really interested me and I wanted to learn from her to experience a wonderful shopping journey. In reality, I had never taken the chance to make purchase online for such an expensive product. We might worry about the reliability of online shopping because the online market was not that pure enough. But actually, it was not that dangerous. Continue reading My plan about a new pair of rimless eyeglasses