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I don’t remember how I went home last night because I was drunk. Yesterday, I went to a bar with my friends and we were so happy to get together with each other since we haven’t met for a long time. But in the morning, I wake up and find my newly-bought rimless eyeglasses and my favorite bracelet are lost. I call my friends one by one to ask them what happened last night after I got drunk. The information I get from them is that one of my friends drove me home but she did not see my eyeglasses as well as the bracelet. Another friend says that my bracelet seemed to be left on the desk when I left the bar but she did not realize it was mine so she did not remind me of taking it. But unfortunately, when she decided to leave, she did not see the bracelet at that time. There is a conclusion I get that no one noticed my eyeglasses which were more important to me. It is a great pity that it accompanies me for such a short time. It is actually a necessary device for me to wear everyday. Not it becomes an urgent task for me to buy a new one.

Luckily, I remember the store where I bought the glasses. To my friends’ surprise, I made purchase of that pair of rimless eyeglasses from an online glasses store. In their opinions, I was not that kind of person to buy such an important article online. But at that time, I was just curious about this popular purchase method. I wanted to have a try of online shopping to buy a good pair of glasses. Now I lose my eyeglasses, I plan to buy another one from that online store again since it is such a reliable shopping place that provides high quality products and satisfactory service with consumers.

I open my computer and type in the website Everything is familiar with me and I want to see more new types of glasses though my focus is still placed upon the category of rimless eyeglasses. I browse the page site carefully to make a wise choice and finally I place an order after checking some details from the service personnel online. My shopping experience also rises my friends’ interest and it is a good chance to share with them my shopping place.